Extra Bonuses Of King Johnnie VIP Program

Sorry, but Johnny Kash Casino VIP has closed and is no longer accepting new Aussie players. We recommend to choose VIP clubs from our rating.

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Our casino offers a variety of lucrative incentives for our customers to stay with us, enjoy our games and make big winnings in the process. A Johnny Kash Casino Loyalty Program is one way of rewarding our regular players for their commitment and active participation on our site. We provide three such programs, progressive jackpots, Johnny Jewels and King Johnnie Kash VIP, and we will describe them one by one on this page.

The more actively you are involved in the loyalty programs, the higher your maximum withdrawal limits will be. 

King Johnnie Progressive Jackpots


We offer over 40 games in which we automatically add a particular percentage of all the money you wager to your potential jackpot, making it grow together with your bets. Besides, your final reward will increase even further with the increasing number of players involved in the game.

Thus, the final jackpot can grow very high, and there have been cases when it reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you hit the jackpot, it goes back to its original size, and the entire process starts again from scratch. This way, you can continue to build up your ultimate prize and benefit from your bets in the same game for as long as you play it.

Progressive jackpots can be divided into three distinct categories, depending on their potential values and the games linked to them:

1. A Single Slot Jackpot

This type of jackpot is only linked to one particular slot, and, therefore, you can only hit it in that specific game. For the same reason, it has a predetermined ultimate size since no other slots can be added to it, making its return value easily predictable. A single-slot jackpot is the least attractive of the three types, even though it can be relatively big on some fairly active games.

2. A Local Jackpot

This one is considerably better than a single slot jackpot since it is connected to several games, making the number of players adding parts of their bets to it significantly higher. As a result, its final value is a lot higher as well.

3. A Network Jackpot

This jackpot is, by far, the most attractive one of all progressive jackpots, and its final value can grow very high. It happens because a network jackpot is attached to an entire network of games, as its name suggests. Consequently, the number of players adding to it can grow enormous too.

A network jackpot is the one that you want to try yourself on. If you choose to do so, we strongly recommend games by NetEnt and Microgaming, especially Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and Hall of Gods.

Johnny Jewels Loyalty Program

The most exciting of all King Johnnie VIP casino loyalty programs, Johnny Jewels takes you through five levels; on each level, you collect jewels and exchange them for prizes, cash spins and additional bonuses. You only have to deposit 20 dollars to enter the program. Then, you accumulate tier points to progress to the higher levels, where the rewards become higher with every tier.

You can also receive one tier point and one jewel for betting AUD250 on classic poker, roulette, or baccarat and AUD1K on blackjack or video poker. In addition, you will receive multipliers that enable you to collect prizes, bonuses and cash spins quickly. The following table shows the tier points and the multipliers you receive on each level.

Level TPs Multipliers
Topaz 1 1
Sapphire 200 1.1
Emerald 1K 1.25
Ruby 5K 1.5
Diamond 25K 2

The program lasts one month, and your goal is to get to the highest level possible because this is going to be your starting point when a new cycle begins the following month. After every two cycles, you go back to square one, and a new round of fun and rewards begins.

Johnnie Kash King VIP Program


It is an exclusive loyalty program that you may only enter if you receive an invitation to do so. The casino will grant you a VIP status in return for your loyalty and commitment, as well as your active and frequent involvement in the games.

First, you must take part in the Johnny Jewels loyalty program regularly to receive an invitation to the program. On top of that, you should deposit comparatively large amounts of money and do it frequently, too. One more requirement for your participation in the VIP program is that you visit the casino and play its games very often, ideally every day.

If you meet these three conditions, the casino will offer you the following rewards:

  1. You will be able to withdraw money considerably faster and sometimes even instantly.
  2. There will be no maximum limits for your wagering amounts.
  3. Your personal VIP assistant will be at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. You will also be entitled to receive numerous and incredibly generous King Johnnie VIP Bonuses and attractive cashback offers. 

Final Word

We try to do our best to keep our customers satisfied with the quality of our games and services and help them make big winnings in King Johnnie Kash Casino. And we do appreciate their loyalty and commitment in return as well. We hope the loyalty bonuses and promotion programs we provide for our regular players are exciting and lucrative enough to make them want to stay with us and enjoy the infinite variety of betting options we create for the purpose.

What Are The Most Lucrative Progressive Jackpot Games To Play?

The list is very long indeed. But as a rule of thumb, we recommend looking out for online slots supplied by the NetEnt and Microgaming software providers. The Mega Moolah and Wowpot series are excellent examples, and so are the Arabian Nights and Divine Fortune.

How Long Do Johnny Jewels Last?

They have no expiry date, and you can exchange your remaining jewels for cash spins, prizes and bonuses as many times per month as you like.

Which Bonuses Will I Receive As A VIP Player?

These change from time to time. But you can always enquire about the current bonuses, cashback offers and other perks on the live support chat, by phone or via e-mail at your convenience.

How Does A Multiplier Feature Of The Johnny Jewels Loyalty Program Work?

It increases your reward by a specified multiplier. For example, the multiplier of 1.5 on the Ruby level means that if you earn 20 free spins, they get multiplied by 1.5, and you receive 30 of them instead.

How Soon May I Withdraw My Bonuses And Prizes Obtained From The Loyalty Programs?

All of them are yours to use as you see fit as soon as you receive them, provided all the wagering requirements have been met. But remember that the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 dollars.